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The Fermi Paradox

Some time ago the blog Wait But Why put out what I think was the most concise yet complete explanation I’ve seen to date about the Fermi Paradox (the apparent contradiction between high estimates for the probable number of extraterrestrial

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Movies For Your Inner Geek In 2016

Deadpool Rulez

Having a dynamic HTML5 canvas element with particle effects and a full screen image in the background of this site really slows things down, unless you are on a decent computer. If you think it was bad yesterday… mwahaha! It’s

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Laniakea: Our Home Supercluster

A fascinating and beautiful visualization of our intergalactic neighborhood… The Milky Way: just boppin’ along towards The Great Attractor, to borrow from my astrophysics professor’s parlance.

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The Terrifying Thing About Paris

Sometimes when I read over the news, I feel like I’m reading a shitty, sophomoric movie script. One of the first thoughtful articles I read after 9/11 was by Hunter S. Thompson; it pretty accurately predicted what was to come.

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That Weird Little Blog At The Back Of The Net

Yup. That’s what you are blog. I can see already that I’m falling back into my old patterns of blog neglect that have doomed the previous 4 iterations of this site. Actually, that’s not the whole truth. Part of it,

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