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Conversations with Chester

When you live in Old Town, every bar conversation is some variation of the following: Pretty big for monkeys. You always have that option. I like the song. Weighing me down… Where’s my script? Also: You got cancelled. I mean:

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Old Town Funk

I was going to post something about the Panama Papers today… but I don’t have time to write the rest of it right now. …so here’s some funk infused songs that I would put in a compilation album themed around

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The Republican Trumpocalypse: You Are What You Eat


This post isn’t really about Trump. Yah it looks like it at a glance, and I’m certainly going to be writing about him extensively, but Trump isn’t really important as an individual. It doesn’t seem like that now, does it?

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Do You Even Worship The Sun, Bro?

One of the celestial objects I think we sometimes take for granted is the Sun. In November of 2015, NASA put up a pretty stunning 30 minute series of time lapse videos of our Sun that shows off just how

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Beyond The Observable Universe: Space Is Bigger Than It Looks

All this talk of aliens and the Fermi Paradox got me to thinking about a concept that kept me up at night for years… until I got to college and figured out the difference between what we call the “observable

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