Do You Even Worship The Sun, Bro?

One of the celestial objects I think we sometimes take for granted is the Sun. In November of 2015, NASA put up a pretty stunning 30 minute series of time lapse videos of our Sun that shows off just how crazy and powerful it is. Enjoy… and if you have a particularly high resolution monitor, crank up the resolution on the video. I think YouTube defaults to 720p or something… this video goes up to 4k.

Ninth Planet May Exist Beyond Pluto, Scientists Report [NYT]

…just for fun. this is a really cool chart of some planets not in our solar system.

Exoplanet Chart

[Click to enlarge] Chart of many of the recently discovered exoplanets. I think this is a funny chart because we have no idea what any of these objects actually look like. It’s an image chart… but the images are made up. I bet purple ring world has nice sunsets.

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