That Weird Little Blog At The Back Of The Net

Yup. That’s what you are blog.

I can see already that I’m falling back into my old patterns of blog neglect that have doomed the previous 4 iterations of this site. Actually, that’s not the whole truth. Part of it, I suppose, is my constant need to redesign it from the ground up every few months. That’s not particularly conducive to actually writing though. If I’m not writing, than it makes more sense for me to take on another commercial web project than fritter away my time building weird little blogs at the back of the net. No. We (royal) need to get super serial on this writing. It’s been ages since I wrote anything that wasn’t an analysis of a site or sales copy. As you might imagine, the light at the end of the tunnel I previously wrote about was, in fact, a train; and I’m still super busy. Fortunately, it’s not a crushing stress. I’m working on a couple of really interesting and unique sites, developing a few more, working on some new marketing stuff… in short, I’ve got a really diverse set of projects on my lap and it’s times like these that I have fun.

Halloween and the Zombie Crawls were a blast. The Fort Collins zombie queen from last year actually WON the Denver zombie crawl costume contest, which was pretty impressive. I think next year we northerners will need to take careful aim and sweep the thing. I’m not really thinking that far out though… now that we’re into the dark days of winter it’s time to start prepping for next spring. The only notable events in my life between now and then are a get-together with friends on black Friday and the introspective debauchery that is New Years Eve. …* Actually I don’t know what I’m doing for NYE yet so I guess I have that to figure out still. Spring prep can wait for a week or two. …but enough about me. Lets talk about outer space.

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