Exhaustion & The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Whale SharkI’ve been putting in a lot of hours lately. Honestly… I’ve been putting in too many hours lately. I need a break. Tour De Fat is coming up and I haven’t even started on my Norse God “Bor” (god of beer) costume yet. All I’ve really been doing is building sites and writing content. Every week I get a few breathers. The Star Wars night with the Colorado Rockies was a lot of fun. I got to know some really interesting nerdy types a little better, which is always a good thing. I got a halfway decent shot of some really impressive third party Mandalorian bounty hunter armor (not pictured). I strongly suspect those in my company would know what the fuck that meant. …so zats cool. In fact I actually learned of a super-pro cosplay group not unlike Umbrella Corporation Denver that, according to her, were probably behind the remarkable authenticity of those costumes: 501st Legion. If this is the right group, it’s nice to see they are doing great things with their power. Given my irrational escalating interest in costume design, I was glad to see so many representing their take on the force, considering I don’t really follow the volleyball and didn’t really care that the Mets put so much pain on the Rockies. Actually, they beat the Vegas spread so good for them… still… don’t care. I had fun and that’s what’s important. I suppose there’s trivia night, Game of Thones night (no spoilers I just got through season 2) and bi monthly-ish Poudre tubing… but the days of tubing are coming to a close. I suppose that’s what the dark days of November are for… planning the next year. (On a psudo-related side note, I’m coming up with a playlist on spotify called Gogela’s Just Chillin’ playlist, which will serve as the motivation for 2016 plans. Part of me want input on this playlist, but the part of me calling the shots knows that the random bots which make up my readership are not worthy of giving input. If you have spotify and want to contribute 1) let me know my searching my user number and 2) hit me up via email or whatever.) I have two zombie crawls and Halloween coming up. Beyond that: no plans. I don’t know what this post is about. Maybe nothing. I need to get through this stack of deliverables or holy chimichanga (<--Archer's Voice!), I'm going out of my mind...a. No really I may be losing it. I need to clear the work deck... and that's where we're at on this fine evening.

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