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Do You Even Worship The Sun, Bro? (1/19/2016) - One of the celestial objects I think we sometimes take for granted is the Sun. In November of 2015, NASA put up a pretty stunning 30 minute series of time lapse videos of our Sun that shows off just how
Beyond The Observable Universe: Space Is Bigger Than It Looks (1/9/2016) - All this talk of aliens and the Fermi Paradox got me to thinking about a concept that kept me up at night for years… until I got to college and figured out the difference between what we call the “observable
The Fermi Paradox (1/8/2016) - Some time ago the blog Wait But Why put out what I think was the most concise yet complete explanation I’ve seen to date about the Fermi Paradox (the apparent contradiction between high estimates for the probable number of extraterrestrial
Movies For Your Inner Geek In 2016 (1/5/2016) - Having a dynamic HTML5 canvas element with particle effects and a full screen image in the background of this site really slows things down, unless you are on a decent computer. If you think it was bad yesterday… mwahaha! It’s
Laniakea: Our Home Supercluster (1/4/2016) - A fascinating and beautiful visualization of our intergalactic neighborhood… The Milky Way: just boppin’ along towards The Great Attractor, to borrow from my astrophysics professor’s parlance.
The Terrifying Thing About Paris (11/30/2015) - Sometimes when I read over the news, I feel like I’m reading a shitty, sophomoric movie script. One of the first thoughtful articles I read after 9/11 was by Hunter S. Thompson; it pretty accurately predicted what was to come.
That Weird Little Blog At The Back Of The Net (11/13/2015) - Yup. That’s what you are blog. I can see already that I’m falling back into my old patterns of blog neglect that have doomed the previous 4 iterations of this site. Actually, that’s not the whole truth. Part of it,
Exhaustion & The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (8/25/2015) - I’ve been putting in a lot of hours lately. Honestly… I’ve been putting in too many hours lately. I need a break. Tour De Fat is coming up and I haven’t even started on my Norse God “Bor” (god of
A Violation of Trust (8/20/2015) - Welp. It’s getting pretty funny, really. At some point it’s going to get sad. In the interim, the Ashley Madison hack can be rather informative. Right off the bat I feel like I should put up a couple of links
Art Is Hard (8/12/2015) - Well I think I’m just about ready to start writing a blog nobody knows about again. My readership has undoubtedly fallen off somewhat, given that I haven’t done this in about 4 years or so. For those keeping track, this
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